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First day of December, first day back…

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I left Arklay more than 2 years ago, and now I’m back. I thought we’d find something better, me and that lovely little thing I gave my heart too. The rotting fuckers seemed to love her heart just as much as I did. Most those days I spent alone. Winter was colder than it should off been with noone to spend it with. It will be better I told her. Arklay isnt for us. I never wished I was more wrong. It took me a year to turn around and head back to the last bastion of people I knew, and a year to walk back.


By the time I got there. Everything changed. Everything was covered in green, water, food, all of it even harder to find. Coaches wasnt run by the pretty little blond anymore. That Texas ranger wannabe was gone. Infact. I havn’t seen a familiar face yet. For all I know, there are none. But, whining about the past wont help me. Gotta find new work, something to eat, a drink wont hurt either. It’s time to start over.