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6 Days

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He went missing for six days, had me worried sick…i couldn’t help myself as i wandered into the main land to see if i can find him… My heart bleed while i worried about what could happen… so many things even for a strong man like my husband… as i made my way home, worried sick and unable to find him.. feeling like a failure…. That fucker was right inside our house.. my loving husband was worried about me… ME.. after he had been gone for days.. he worried about me… though seems all my fretting and worrying was for not as he did return hurt.. but he didn’t return empty handed.. rubber inner tubes we can use to make pressure bandages ..hand sanitize ..and there is a box of tampons and ……………. shampoo!   Best hubby ever..  just wish he didn’t get so hurt.. but at-least hes alright.. its the only thing that matters but the next time he goes missing for six days imma beat him…