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Different directions

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I enjoy what I do at the Pub.. it’s peaceful, I get to meet people and learn more about this place from different perspectives.. but at the same time I feel I could do more.. I know I wont be behind that counter forever.. in fact, I noticed there is a diner near the old amusement park.. or fairground.. whatever it is, it’s near that. It reminds me of a diner from the 50’s, like you’d see in movies.. only dirty.. but it’s structurally sound as far as i can tell.. Maybe I can do something with it.. A different kind of eatery.. like a roadkill cafe.. but without the roadkill part.. I could hunt out in the woods for the meat.. stock it up.. sell it to people wanting something more gamy than what they offer at Sam N Ella’s diner by the pub.. I’ve taken time to start up hunting alone.. it’s not the safest idea there.. might be a good idea to get a group.. maybe I can get others that i’ve met to join me in a hunting party, and then I can buy the meats they get from them.. but first I need to be able to afford it.. so for now it’s solo hunting.. If I do end up turning that place into a butcher’s diner.. i’ll have to give up working at the bar.. i’ll be much to busy to be serving drinks.. ooh.. I also would need to think up a good name.. but that’s for another day.. maybe tomorrow. On the bright side, I found a couple cans of fuel in a dumpster.. so if I do make the butchers diner place a thing.. I can get power into it.. but first I would want to get a jukebox.. nothing else will do in a place like that.. and for that, I need to go to the main land. I wonder when the others are planning on going.. Surely they will let me know.

Dylan, Phil, Ashes, Karma & male friend (name unknown.. yet), Rosie, Stella, Augi, Nell, Jack, James, Maze, Kobe, Regin, Hrodger, Page, Grant, Ru, Teagen, (Dale- Still havent met yet), Erika.. I really do feel I am forgetting some names.. ugh..