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Flooding & Friendlies

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Dear Diary,

Today was a whirlwind of emotions. Coming back for a multi day scavaging trip I was SHOCKED to come home to my new apt and see it flooded… hope my dog Shaggy is ok… I love that guy.  Thought he’d be safer in the apt than on the road with me but now I’m not too sure. Have to find a boat to go see if he is OK and if he is move him to my friend Kei’s place at the Eights.  They are on higher ground and still ‘ok’ from the rising waters.  Heart sunken and filled with worry I made my way to my new job to see what damage it got.  Coache’s hasn’t been affected by the flooding YET thank goodness… in fact it seemed to be a gathering spot today!  I made a few friends and was fortunate enough tto get some training for my bartending job… even got keys so I can open and sell the moonshine taps!  So my day got a bit better.  Now I’m resting my wary feet and ass at Kei’s place, may even take a nap, the secured fence around this place had led to piece of mind even though it does seem a bit cultish… at least I can sleep.

My home is a little under water

My home is a little under water