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I save her.. The hell was I thinking?

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Welcome to Arklay                                                    There was a commotion down by Sam N Ella’s. A few undead made it straight down to the center of town. I still don’t even know why I felt it necessary to jump that fence, and risk my own safety to help someone I barely know. Sure, Nora is a cute lil thing, and she’s been kind, just like everyone else in this town. It still doesn’t explain my actions. I put myself in harms way, without much thought or hesitation. I didnt even use my pistol. I risked infection, why? Only been here a few weeks, and already I’m growing softer. I find myself caring about the people here, and not -just- the ones who make my survival easier. I need to get myself together. Got to keep my eye on the horizon.. I am in it for me. When push comes to shove, it’s me before any of them…. Yea.. Right…