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Recovery downtime is a needed but undesired thing.

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I need to slow down.. to not push myself so hard.. I am not useful to anyone if I cannot keep myself safe from injury, even if it is an old one. The hardest part, is that I really do push myself.. even to remember. The small things from before, like about my family.. I cant even remember their faces anymore.. and even now names are getting harder.. It is like I’m losing the past to this world of death.. still, there are good times. I figured out where the Moonshine and Water are kept at Coach’s Pub. I even got to make some sales last night when Ashes decided to have a small party there with her friend, a woman named Maze. I was glad that the guy I met at Sam N’ Ella’s didnt show up, even though he said he too works at the Pub.. there’s something off about him. Not as bad as Jack, but still gave off odd vibes, like a stalker with how he was behaving around Ashes.. I cannot recall his name right now, but I think it was James or something. Ashes says she is not interested in him, but she doesnt tell him that. Hopefully it doesnt backfire on her. Speaking of Ashes and Maze, during their little party, there was a bit of singing to be had at the end.. I could tell Maze isnt what you’d call a good singer, but when you’re singing Smashmouth’s “Allstar”.. at least it doesnt sound like a dying cat.. I ended up having a heart to heart with Ashes about her loverboy problem, and hammered it home with my own belting out of Panic at the Disco’s “Ballad of Mona Lisa”, before we all called it a night and walked Ashes back to her residence. Maze took a look at my foot and rebandaged it back at the hospital, so for today I am stuck here to recover, like I should have done last time. Who knows, maybe Dylan will pay me a visit here.

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