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Sandbags… What the fuck was I thinking? Like seriously! I mean I woke up to water pouring into my room. Dunno if it was Kibbles barking or the shouting outside, but I just grabbed Kibbles and had to like wade and practically swim my way out. Thank fuck I’d packed an emergency bag and had gone to sleep in my clothes, you know, maybe I was thinking just in case, coz like everything else, and I mean everything, that’s now underwater. Gone. Drowned.

Made my way to the caff, Jenna and Groovy were there, we’re all in the same boat, what with the Palms underwater. Nore’s place too, and the hospital. Soggy people kept turning up, so I set up another fire in a barrel, for like heat and warmth and stuff. Gave out free food too, kinda felt like the right thing to do, right? Coz, you know, you can’t really start charging people for the nosh when they’ve like lost everything, right?

Did a walk around the water’s edge. Fuck it’s a mess. Like there’s water everywhere! And it’s still rising… More slowly, so you know, fingers crossed, but like seriously, what the fuck’s going on? Dmitri’s been super cool, helping Ashes loads trying to sort out the caff in case the water keeps rising. But by the end of it I just crashed, slept on a camp bed in the store room for like ten hours. But I had Kibbles to cuddle.

Oh, and the guy who pitched his tent on his shack’s roof? Yeah, that’s underwater now…