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Woo! Pool Party! …. or maybe not ….

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[05:37] ~*SR*~ Bay Water Mesh scripted 1 Prim: Come closer…
[05:37] ~*SR*~ Bay Water Mesh scripted 1 Prim: You begin clearing stagnant flood water from the area
[05:39] Robbyn (robbyn.poliak) checks out the once empty pool “oooh, improvements?” she wonders… “I’ll need to get me a bikini if they reopen the pool!” a little excited she leans in close to check the water and smells its not so freshness.  With a frown she starts to clean up the stagnant water.

Dear Diary…. Cleaning up flood water sucks!  I was going to try and clean out the pool but the water keeps seeping in, looks like the whole place is flooded. Guess I’ll hit uptown and check if anyone is at Coaches to show me where the keys are so I can actually serve customers if they come in.  She chuckles to herself, times sure have changed, but they don’t seem so desolate in this community, way less lonely anyway.  With that she puts her boots back on and tosses her backpack over her shoulder. Off to work and do a little scavaging along the way.