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Inside the RR Compound – A page from Malakai’s travels

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19 – 03 – 20XX :: Day 1195 after the Outbreak

It was an interesting day. How can one go from King of Nothing to having everything again? Well, you have the name Malakai I guess.

Always had luck all my life whether it was here in Arklay, Hathian or Dead End. None of the cities could claim me alive, many tried.

So I’ve been here a long while, many don’t see me or if they have they’ve seen me unmasked. I had taken on my mask and head my way down to maintain the Carnival. It’s all I have left of her. While I was down there, I noticed an unfamiliar masked figure, she too was looking to head into the Carnival. I keep a lot of things there, personal and otherwise beneficial to people so I couldn’t have her roaming around. I approached her and scared her away, only to have said woman stop and notice some dead approaching behind me. She saved my life, even though I would have never admitted to it. This mysterious woman threw a Turkey she’d hunted to the dead and ran for it. I, in quite the maddened state disposed of both of the dead. When that Mask is on, I’m someone else entirely. I’m the Ghost of the Carnival.

She ran into my grounds, it made my blood boil. I chased her through the grounds with my Hunting Rifle and quickly escorted her out. She was quite uniquely dressed, the most noteworthy thing were her pristine love heart rain-boots. My partner would have loved them had she been alive (Or so I thought) so I robbed this poor woman.

After taking her boots and scaling the Ferris Wheel, my heart sunk. I couldn’t send a poor survivor out bare-foot, I had no idea why I even took the boots. I guess… When people are struck with grief they do weird things. Anyway, I took my Rifle and scoped in on the woman across the Carnival grounds, she had found the company of another; a Male in a mask and duster (Elias of the RR, nonetheless.) These two started to head off, call me curious but he looked geared for a Survivor. I followed them back to their compound.

I was caught in the act, his second patrol came up a large mountain behind me and sealed me off. It wasn’t long before I was escorted at gunpoint past the hulking timber log door this group had created. I made my way into the compound to see both Elias and this woman standing in the grounds. Elias had explained that he doesn’t allow masks in the ground, so I removed mine and this woman did hers.

Now… This is going to sound like one in a million, but it was my long lost wife and lover Mollie Longspring. I’d robbed and held my past lover up at gunpoint! She fainted when she saw me, which was pretty cute but alarming too.


We’re currently reconnecting after 3 years apart and it’s just as day one. I feel as if no time has passed at all. I’m excited to head back to her cabin and meet my 3 year old children too, god this is going to hit me like a freight train.


More to come,

Malakai McManus.