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  1. Aiyana


      It’s been a long couple weeks Journal. Crazy how life can have it’s highs and lows so quickly. What’s next? Not sure. Had a run in with my favorite stalker. He’s in a wheelchair, guess the rumors were true. I had him right there, barrel on him, cocked and...
  2. Aiyana

    When In Rome

    Well we all know this ain’t Rome, but we can always make believe it is right? Been a crazy week dearest journal. Turns out people you thought you could trust you can’t. Some lessons are learned the hard way, thankfully this one didn’t cost me my life… or did it.....
  3. Aiyana

    Guns with a splash of moonshine

    We don’t always fire warning shots. We don’t always attract the infected, but when we do we make sure to have drinks after. Another day, another fucking day and another visit. He had the nerve to tell me I was his, always had been. He wanted to break me…*inserts laugh...
  4. Aiyana


      Normally, I wouldn’t care. I’d deal with another rowdy person at the pub and Charlie would see them out. It would just be another day. I thought today was just another ordinary day, turns out…. Not even close… Started off with a few drinks and a conversation with a...
  5. Aiyana

    This one time…

    I’m kind of digging working at the Pub. Get to meet all kinds of people. Not quite sure how I feel about the manager yet, however the rest remains to be seen. I haven’t seen the shirtless guy in quite awhile, I hardly know him but I worry. Tough times...
  6. Aiyana

    It happened again

    There I was, starting my shift at the Pub, mopping, dusting and performing to my non existent crowd. Just as I finished and and took a seat behind the bar, he showed up again. Wasn’t the first time I’ve seen him but this time he was a little more engaged.....
  7. Aiyana

    764 Days

    It’s been 764 days…. I haven’t bothered writing much because why? Humanity is at its breaking point..well whatever is left of it anyway.   I finally ventured out today… I wasn’t feeling that well and haven’t been. Pretty sure it’s lack of¬†sunlight. Ironically enough I had heard rumors about possible...

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