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  1. Constance Winchester

    What Now?

    (This page is badly damaged by water, as she was writing it in the rain, all words are smudged and hard to read.) What now? I keep asking myself. What now? I got the van to the garage, the girl there said she’d fix it up in no time. So...
  2. Constance Winchester

    Broom broom!

    GET READY! SET! RAAACE! Its ALLLIIIIIIIIVE! The van actually started! It works! Its a miracle! Though it does sound like explosive diarrhea when it starts, I hope I can find someone at the garage to take a look at it and actually give it a proper look over, I think...
  3. Constance Winchester

    My Plans

    So I have been trying to write a little more often about whats happening, but seriously, I’ve just been to busy to be writing in a diary like some love struck teen. I always thought diaries were lame. But it turns out its rather useful sometimes, lets you sit and...
  4. Constance Winchester

    Love Puppies!

    So I’ve managed to find a new scrap of paper for the continuation of my very scattered Journal, I actually think it might look more like a scrap book than anything. Well, heres the thing. I’ve always wanted to find someone, and have a relationship, he would be faithful to...
  5. Constance Winchester

    A Day in the Woods!

    So me and Ben went hunting yesterday, he showed me a really good hunting spot, but the bugger mowed down a deer and a pig before I even got a shot off! So once again I came back from a hunting trip empty handed. But that wasnt the worst thing...
  6. Constance Winchester

    ACHOOO! I got the Flu!

    Today I woke up feeling like hammered shit, honestly, I thought my head was made of lead or something it was so dam heavy. I bought some antibiotics from the Hospital, its been almost a full day since and I feel….well, I fell as good as new, right as rain!...
  7. Constance Winchester

    Fuel Cans!

    The last two scavenge hunts have been really awesome, I found two whole jerry cans of fuel! I’m going to head over to the ATC as soon as I can, see what nifty shit I can get for them. Hopefully they have something good, though I’m not really sure how...