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  1. ashmer resident

    Paging a Nurse

    Got hired as a nurse, finally. Decided to spend my day learning my way around, familiarizing myself with a few hospital procedures. Some of it is old hat, like vitals, burn and break treatment. Some of it is new, although I’m hoping that I don’t have to do any catheters...
  2. ashmer resident

    Full Moon or tainted water?

    People were fucking crazy today. Not the usual amount of crazy, but old-school reality-tv level crazy. I get it. Drama happens in a small community, and can’t get much smaller than an island that still has its infected (which seriously, we should look into getting completely cleaned up sometime soon),...
  3. ashmer resident

    Welcome to Arklay Island

    Rain. It was wet before we got here, and it was wet when we arrived. Damn weather systems. Who knows what got fucked up, though, when the world started going to shit and if some one of our ‘neighbors’ decided that setting off a bomb is the best way to...