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  1. kendall69-resident

    6 Days

    He went missing for six days, had me worried sick…i couldn’t help myself as i wandered into the main land to see if i can find him… My heart bleed while i worried about what could happen… so many things even for a strong man like my husband… as i...
  2. kendall69-resident

    Dec 30th

    Mark is still in the mainland… Its never taken one of us this long to go get supplies… he left yesterday morning… he would be the one to go farther then we said we wouldn’t. If i went that far out i would be lookin at some major yelling when...
  3. kendall69-resident

    Back home…

    Well its been a year since I’ve been here… seems this old thing was just were i left it…  at-least that didn’t change.. a lot has… Last here I came to town with my now ex wife.. we just wanted to help.. working at AES we took charge of our...
  4. kendall69-resident


    we have a visit to the mainland planned for tomorrow.. i don’t know how many are coming.. but i know there has to be a truck in that town somewhere.. its a nice size town.. a place i would of loved to live.. beachside.. waterfalls.. perfect.. cept its so infested...
  5. kendall69-resident

    My Life Now!

      Dear Diary.. Found a poor defenseless rabbit alone in the woods with a walker today.. I didn’t even think about it as I rose my gun.. The trigger was pulled and he dropped.. like nothing .. then the rabbit unharmed was spooked.. Couldn’t let him get away either.. I...