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  1. sin trenton

    Shelter entry 20180415Z1000

    Had an accident with a couple of pills I thought was Aspirin today, which turned out to be something utterly different. I sure did feel great though, when I found myself hunting Kung-Fu raccoons out in the woods. Somehow I managed to find my way back to town and the...
  2. sin trenton

    Shelter entry 20180412Z1930

    Pretty calm at the shelter in the morning so headed out east to survey the suburbs. When I returned about noon, one of the beds on second floor was occupied, though the man seemed to be deep asleep due to exhaustion. ((OOC: Pallans Faolchu-Llath (pallans Resident), most likley AFK)) Went downstairs...
  3. sin trenton

    Hospital Shelter

    Came across a hospital, that showed quite some activity. Meeting a chap I never got the name of, he beckoned me over, and simply pointed at a pile of blankets, asking if I could fold them up and hand them out to a small band of traumatised civs that had...
  4. sin trenton

    Sacond day

    There seems to have been some kind of communitiy in this town I came acrosss, though I haven’t met anyone yet. I did have some luck, however, finding several useful itms, even a gun with a few bullets! It took several hours to clean it up properly, when you lack...

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