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  1. Sweetie

    Square One

    Ufff… Did the walkabout. Not good. Slept in some abandoned houses, stayed clear of the ones that looked like they had people coz, you know, the more like isolated they are, the weirder they tend to get, right? But yeah, no obvious way off this place apart from the bridge....
  2. Sweetie

    Walk About

    Okies… so I’m like still totally in two minds about this place. Stuff’s kinda okay here, you know, when you think about it, I guess, compared to other stuff anyways. But it’s an island, right? And that means one way on and one way off, and that kinda worries me...
  3. Sweetie

    Fat Belly

    Oh my gosh but like what a difference a fat belly makes! I mean, this time yesterday I was like totally thinking I was gonna have to go back to the mainland even… big time, coz nothing was happening slowly, no work, no weapon… just cat food and dodgy water...
  4. Sweetie

    I hate maths!!!

    Why’s maths soo hard! But I totally need a weapon! Got cornered by a rot… just managed to limp away with rotten meat (again!) and had to lick my wounds for like ages… argh! Totally gotta get a weapon. But everything’s so expensive ffs! I mean water’s like more expensive...
  5. Sweetie


    Jackpot! I found some baccy! All sealed in its pouch too! How totally cool is that? Ok… so there’s no actual papers anywhere but I found an old bible by the church. They’re totally the best, super thin pages, perfect for rollies! Soo happy right now! But this place… oh...
  6. Sweetie

    Honey Monster

    People here keep on telling me I need to get a gun and I’m kinda thinking they’re probly right. Coz yesterday I saw this turkey. I’m pretty sure it was a turkey. It was just like standing there. Looking all stupid and everything. Oh my gosh! I mean how difficult...