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  1. Sweetie

    There’s this guy

    Okies…. so kinda majorly conflicted right now and I totally don’t know if I’ve gone and done something that’s like really really stupid, but I totally can’t help myself. There’s this guy… Course there is, right? But anyways, seen him around, then we got chatting, kinda one thing lead to...
  2. Sweetie

    blah blah blah

    So I was like heading back to mine after my shift at the caff, totally dead apart from Eve’s endless blah blah blah. Oh my gosh, does she have verbal diarea diorreah dhiariah shits or what? Does she ever like just stop? I’ve kinda managed to tune it out mostly,...
  3. Sweetie

    Stupid Effing Goat

    Okies… so today I had my first go at milking the goat and er… it really didn’t go to plan. Coz I was sposed to end up with some goat milk in a bucket, right? But the bucket got kicked… I got kicked… everything pretty much got kicked. So like,...
  4. Sweetie

    Curiouser and curiouser

    Weird times. So the new boss of the caff, Ashes, has only gone and brought some goats. There’s three of them, and they all look totally cute and I know I’m gonna end up giving them names and then how am I gonna kill them? It’s weird, in the woods,...
  5. Sweetie

    Shit happens

    Oh my gosh… the last few days… totally horrible, I mean big time. Dunno how it happened, except I guess I probly do, coz I been drinking water from the wells, but it’s like sometimes really really difficult to find half decent water anywhere. But I guess that’s just what...
  6. Sweetie

    Selfie time!

    So I found this totally cool polaroid camera, but OMG, super difficult taking selfies and you only get one go! But I totally had to do a selfie when all dressed for the honey man! Oh, and the piccie’s taken in my room, coz I really decided I need my...
  7. Sweetie

    nom nom nom

    Oh my gosh… Like what the fuck? Okies, so deep breath and like gather. I get back into town, pretty much the first place I get to is the caff, the place is empty, town is kinda quiet, which is cool I guess, but whatever, anyways, I’m kinda just looking...
  8. Sweetie


    Oh my gosh… kinda super quiet round here at the mo, I mean like big time quiet, so I’m kinda thinking first, where’s everyone gone and why haven’t I been invited? But like more seriously, I’m kinda thinking now’s a good time to head to the mainland to hunt for...
  9. Sweetie

    Gangs and shit

    So there I am, kinda like just getting back into the routine of stuff here, you know, working at the caff and stuff, when who only goes and walks into the yard? Just the guy I kissed the other day! We like chatted some and then he only goes and...
  10. Sweetie

    Lost Voices

    I had to go check, I spose I knew it was gonna be all pointless, but I still totally had to go check. It was like the middle of the night when it hit me and from that moment there totally was no going back. It was a big moon,...