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  1. Chava

    Live does goes on

    11/1/16 I haven’t written in a while been busy which is a good thing well least for me. Lots has happened and again I give this journal a summery of things, though not sure why i keep it not like someone will read it who wants to know about a...
  2. Silvy Dean

    Dangerous words.

    Ellinor turned over a can of fruit in her hand as she walked toward the ATC. Partly wondering if she should eat it then or save it for later when she needed food and hydration. Right then she felt fine. Seemed like a waste to eat or drink when one was...
  3. geoffrey welders

    Happy Birthday to Me

    Yesterday was my birthday. October 23rd was my birthday. Happy birthday to me! What’d I get? Interrupted sleep and a horde of zombies. Can’t say I’m crazy about the gift, but it’s the thought that counts. And whoever thought that up for me can just shove it. If God exists,...
  4. Jordana

    Back Again, Back Again…

    October 24th, 2016. Monday. March. That’s when I was here last. I got taken in fucking March. And they didn’t send anyone to look for me… I mean I don’t really blame them. To them I’m just some random girl that was in charge of the Dollhouse for .2 seconds...
  5. Pauleh

    Still Alive

    Paul sat on the edge of the bed staring blankly out the window, the sky was dark and the rain heavy.  He glanced off to his side, an old bedside table with a tape recorder sat on it was there, he shuffled down the bed to get closer.   Wiping...