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  1. Kali

    Squeak. Snap.

      “Since I was young, I have always known this: Life damages us, every one. We can’t escape that damage. But now, I am also learning this: We can be mended. We mend each other” ― Veronica Roth Kali sat on her new bed in that bare, gray room on...
  2. geoffrey welders

    I Need To Get Out More

    Arklay: Day 126 Another quiet day at the hospital, working in the shelter. Hadn’t seen anyone around lately. Not sure where the new arrivals are. Guess maybe they slipped out some time in the early morning. Maybe they’ll be back. Maybe not. Most usually do return though. I guess maybe...
  3. Silvy Dean

    Repeating Songs

    August 1st.. Yep, I know the date finally! 2016 I survived whatever the hell illness that was. Just by chance. Flu maybe? Strong one at that. Unfortunately, Billias and I were not successful in keeping it quarantined to just our apartment at the eights. Now Darla is sick and suspects...
  4. Eithan Hill

    Why you?

      Why…why did it have to be you.. Christian? You left me here, in this hell. Granted I have been searching for you for months now. I have stumbled upon this generally docile place. Arklay. You would have loved the people I have met so far. Each day.. I feared you were gone....
  5. Cobb

    Two Weeks In

    Fucking damn hard to believe two weeks have passed by. He’s slowly still adapting to the economy and relations with those who control might live and die. Mainly those with water, food and supplies. It’s definitely an small-scale oligarchy here, but seemingly a benign one. Cobb was a mess when he got here....
  6. Silvy Dean

    Once Upon A Dream…

    *The breath that she could hear had to be her own. She was held up in some abandoned building, curled up in a cabinet, hoping it wouldn’t come crashing down with her weight. If not for her breath, the soft creaking of the wood was the only other noise. Did...
  7. geoffrey welders

    We Workers Three

    Arklay: Day 35, 2016 Well, it’s been some time since I made an update. Lots has happened, few things have changed. Where do I even begin with it all? Well, let me see. Shelter’s been a little busy as of late. Folks come in, folks go out. Donations have been...