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  1. oOVitalityOo Resident

    Journal En. 1

    Day 1. Stumbled upon the Garden of Eden of zombie apocalypse hold ups. Well that’s what most would say. Me? Not in the slightest. Sure it’s bigger, and has more organization than the past few hold ups I stayed at…. but the place is practically crumbling under our feet. I’m...
  2. Cami Tiratzo

    A time for making friends…

    Taking care of business… that’s what I decided to do.  I have some excellent folks working for me as of late, which seemed like all the more reason for me to stay behind.  That and, I’ve made some friends.  Finally, honest to goodness legit feeling friends.  I’m not sure where...
  3. geoffrey welders


    Day 343 on Arklay Island San Mora lies ahead. I’m determined to go, just not in the first wave of everyone else. Few of the others here on the island got this crazy idea to go by raft. I’m not too partial on the idea of coasting on water. Going...