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  1. Karma

    Seven Days In

    It’s been a week now, and for some reason I haven’t moved on. Sure the townsfolk have been kind, helpful and there’s plenty of resources to be had. But, I...
  2. kendall69-resident

    Back home…

    Well its been a year since I’ve been here… seems this old thing was just were i left it…  at-least that didn’t change.. a lot has… Last here I came...
  3. Dymitir Resident

    Day of the 4

    Another good day. No one died yet though. RR had a party, Got a place to stay now. Things are looking up so far. RR seems to really like having...
  4. Dymitir Resident

    3rd Day

    It was a good day for The Lounge many guests, quite a bit of sells. Good music from yours truly. Boss Lady was happy that it was going so well....
  5. Dymitir Resident

    Day 2

    After exploring the town and outskirts, also finding a bit of change. Decided it was time to take a break and made my way to the lounge. Seemed like the...
  6. Dymitir Resident

    1 Day

    Have landed on a small island that seems to have life. After running on the outskirts of this town happen to come across a small what would appear to be...
  7. vanabear resident

    Found Work

    Today I found a job at the S-Mart.  It will be nice to feel like I am doing something again instead of just wandering and wondering.  Maybe things are starting...