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So the question about animals doesn't often come up, but when it does it seems there are no clear rules aside from this:

NON-HUMAN AVATARS ARE RESTRICTED to domestic animals like cats, dogs, and birds. Furries are considered “humans-in-a-costume” and may only explore as a visitor. Playing the Infected (Zombies) requires following the Infection Guide and admin approval.

So far we've relied on the honor system, allowing freedom for people choosing to play domestic animal to rely on their common sense, but this has raised some issues.

--All animals should be domestic.  That means no wolves, bears, moose, etc.

--The HUD was designed and modeled for human characters.

--Animals cannot earn money.  So they cannot be on any business or faction roster.  They can be in the GROUP for a faction, but not on the roster.

--Animals should not be scavenging.   Yes there are things that they could realistically find for themselves, like food or water.  But most animals would ignore a can of fuel or a wallet, and since we cannot monitor or tailor scavenging just for animals, it creates an issue and an advantage for whomever they are giving the items to.

Bottom line, animal characters should not use the HUD.

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March 20, 2017 at 10:00 pm
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