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Fri, Dec 23 @ 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Ever wanna stick it to your boss? Or that coworker that just won’t stop slacking? Well, get ready for the ultimate reckoning. In Arklay, Christmas is coming early this year and there’s no time like now to spread that holiday cheer other than shelling out presents chock full of comeuppance! For today and today only, townies get to bestow judgement on anyone they deem fit to receive it. Purge babeh purge! And keeping with the spirit of giving, all the fallen are allowed the option of returning as one of the infected to carry foes away to the same deserved fate!

Please note: The purge will only affect your character for this event as this is meant only to be a fun exercise. Everything will return to normal afterwards, as if nothing ever happened. And with all things and goings on, participation is voluntary. SO please ask perms before you go slash and gun happy. Otherwise, have at it!

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