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Rae’s Journal – Entry 2 “People are strange”

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Rae at trading co 2

Set up camp at the foot of the cliffs. Seems crazy being so out in the open like this but at least we only have 3 ways to look instead of 4. Unless those things come crawling down the cliff face maybe. Can’t think about that. Need strengths to keep working. So tired and weak am shaking. Will write more later.


Met a woman. Abigail? (Scratches a few words out). Collecting firewood. She seemed… maternal? Motherly? But in a cross me you die kind of way. Hard to describe. People in general are hard to describe now. She said something worse was coming. I can’t imagine what. Or how she knew. Maybe she just said that to scare me. Watching your own kids die is as bad as it gets. I can’t imagine (scratched out words) Doesn’t matter. She said there was a city here. I kind of remember seeing some sign we passed but it was dark out and I can’t remember details like that. Hard to take it all in when you’re busy scanning the dark for those things you know? She said she ran a store for lost and found. Made me think of rescue shelters for lost animals. I wonder if those things have eaten all the strays and moved onto the caged ones? What is wrong with me thinking like that? I feel so bad. Wrong. Something’s wrong. Stomach hurts. Maybe am just exhausted. What I wouldn’t give for a long tall ice cold frothy milkshake and a chocolate bar right now. Or a warm cup of tea. Warm anything. Will start a fire and see if that helps. Wish I had remembered to grab my glasses before we left. Writing in this light is giving me a headache. Stupid.


(New entry, pen written in the same color but in a more hurried and slanted scrawl).

There was another one of those things in the woods just now. I saw it between the trees. I stayed low and out of sight til it moved away. Then I killed the fire. I think Kane may be right. We’re too exposed out here. There’s nothing protecting us. Those things could walk right up and into our tents and we’d be defenseless against it. He mentioned something about creating some barricade when he gets back. If he gets back. Can’t think like that. So tired. My stomach hurts. Sleep now. If I can. Just lay here staring out the tent til he comes back. I hate this. I just wish those things would hurry up and kill me or leave us in peace.


Woke up alone, Kane still isn’t with me. He went looking for Jon yesterday convinced he saw Bex’s old car while on the road a few days back and went off in search of them. Stomach still hurts. Need food. To wash. Think I saw a waterhole nearby when I was grabbing the firewood. Will go see. Back soon.


It hasn’t been a good day. I don’t like going out alone but sitting in a tent makes me feel more vulnerable than anything. I don’t like waiting for those things to come to me. I went for a wash at the waterhole as the sun came up. I wanted so bad to strip down and get in just to feel clean again. Couldn’t. Couldn’t even take off my boots. Had to keep moving. Woods are quiet this morning. It’s eerie. I don’t even hear crickets.

Found some dried food in a dumpster earlier. Bonus. If only my parents could see me now. Saw a guy sitting on a chair across the street. I waved. He ignored me. I kept walking. Saw Abigail again through a window but I don’t think she saw me. People aren’t friendly here. Makes me feel worse, like we should keep moving. Not sure where we should go though. Found a place like a trailer that said trading out front. Went inside. Met more people (NPCs). They just stared. Don’t like newcomers maybe. Maybe they’ve seen so many come and go they don’t bother with the pleasantries anymore. Was something there on about scavenging. Like trips to get stuff. I’m thinking of signing up if only I could find out where. I need something for my stomach ache and a pair of glasses would be good. Maybe this will serve me better than sitting at camp writing in a book that serves no purpose than give me something to do while I wait to die or starve to death. Or go insane. Or panic. I wish Kane would get home. Home. Laughable. No such thing anymore. What I wouldn’t give for 4 solid walls and things to call mine. Useless anyway. Have to go again, head back to camp. Maybe he’s there. I don’t like the way the guy who called himself Elliot keeps staring at me. More later.