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We’re Stretching Ourselves Thin

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Arklay: Day 41, 2016

Had an unexpected visitor not too long ago. Dakota and me was kicking back in the trailer, when we heard a noise out back. Grabbed my shotgun, and we both took to looking out the windows. Was dark out there, so was hard to make out what was going on. We did however catch a glimpse of a pretty sizable horde coming out way.

We was ready to just sit it out, but Dakota saw someone out there trying to fend off them things. At first, I wasn’t about to risk my neck to save whoever it was. Seeing how this was occurring pretty much on my property though, I felt an obligation to help out.

Right into the dead of night I went; outside the gate and beyond the walls. Rounded the corner with my shotgun up. May was there. It was May who had been struggling with the dead. Had my weapon pretty much all in her face, so that was a surprise to us both. Told her to take to the trailer. I was gonna lure these dead ones away.

Took quite awhile to draw them back. Made quite a sound as I was doing so. Things got a little complicated when more dead stumbled out of the abandoned houses. Lost a good deal of them when I wound down some alleyways. Wasn’t easy. Had slipped in some filth, mud I’m hoping, and was covered nearly head to toe. Brushed against a fence too hard and got cut on my right shoulder.

When I had made my way back to the trailer, I must of looked mostly dead. Dakota was out there, and took a fright, as I made a grab for the water bottle he was holding. Guess he thought I had turned. Went in, May was so relieved to see me alive. Offered May to stay for the night, but she was a bit reluctant at first. Eventually, she gave in.

May slept out in the kitchen, despite my offer she have the couch. Wouldn’t have it. Dakota though, I told him to bunk up with me in my room. Things got interesting to say the least. Rearranging accommodations kind of miffed me, but it all worked out well in the end.

Had Amanda look at the scratch on my arm a couple days later. Cleaned it and bandaged as best I could, but it wasn’t healing right. Got warm, all red and puffy. She gave me a treatment though to make whatever infection go away. Think it worked. Everything’s going good now.

Some time that day, Dakota ran into a bit of trouble. He had gotten into a fight with some masked woman, Honey, outside the hospital. Not sure how the fight ended, but Honey found some help out in the garage. Told her story, and that just made half the town pissed off at Dakota and the shelter.

Was talking with Amanda, down in the lobby, when someone from the garage called for us. Seemed a little shifty, as neither one of us knew this messenger. Amanda wanted to chance helping someone in need, so we just up and left. Came upon the scene, and already was quite a few folks there.

Lots of folks put blame on Dakota, and that shifted off to the shelter as well. They weren’t really happy to hear new folks would come in and get beat. Can’t say I was pleased about any of this myself to hear it happen. Paul the keeper was there, and we asked if Dakota was going to be arrested. He just got off with a warning. That’s a slap on the wrist compared to what I’d do to that young punk ass son of a bitch.

Stormed off and eventually found Dakota outside the hospital talking to a new girl, Yuuki. Kind of stepped into it, and barked out at Dakota. He was going to learn that day, I tell you what. Not only had he lost face, but the shelter done so as well. What he done was totally embarrassing for us all. And now, we was all caught with our pants down. Dakota wasn’t having it though. Rather than take it like a man, he stormed off in a tantrum like a child.

Ran into Kay in the hospital lobby after that. Filled her in on what was going on. Seeing as how the shelter needed a director to keep things under control, I got appointed for it. Now it’s my circus and my monkeys to reign in.

With that new title under my belt, I went and chased Dakota down. Wasn’t difficult finding him. He was holed up in the trailer. Already had packed his things and was expecting to get kicked out. Didn’t come to that though. Instead, I laid out what his job meant, what he’s supposed to do, and said what was going to come next.

I cut his pay for the week he worked there. He’s also got to do some volunteer work outside the shelter. Needs to make good with Honey. For two weeks, he’s on probation, and if he fucks up again he’s gone. He fought as hard as he could against what I put out, but I didn’t give up at all. Eventually, he agreed, but not willingly. Can’t say he handled this in a real mature fashion. I’m honestly a little disappointed by it all.

I’ve been hard on him, it’s true. Maybe a bit too rough at times, especially on one occasion. The last occasion. He might walk a little funny now though because of it. I do it only because I care though. Folks like him, you shouldn’t soften them up. They’ll just get weak.

Think he’s taken some kind of liking to me. Like, I’m his idol or something. Don’t think he’s caught on, but sometimes I hear him using the same words I’ve done said. Sometimes he even does talk like me. Kind of weird. Kind of unnerving. I’m just going to let that be for now.

He’s been working hard enough to make amends. Maybe this recent trouble will serve as a warning to him to be a little more level headed in the future. Hopefully a little more careful, maybe a bit more respectful. He fucks up again though, and I’ll be on his ass. If it takes publicly tanning his hide, I’ll do it. Might be what it takes. Found he cleans up his act fast if he’s made embarrassed by what he’s done.

On Monday, I attended that support group meeting Dr. Sin hosts. Wasn’t planning on it. I had forget it was happening. But, it was there and I was there and so I decided to join. For the most part though, I kept to myself in the stairwell just listening in. Talking about my problems with big groups of folks ain’t really my thing.

If I wanna talk, Dakota’s been the one I go to. Guess you could say I share the most with him as of late. I’m keeping him at arm’s reach though. That’s the closest anyone’s going to get for now. Now ain’t the time to be too invested in folk. There’s too much of everything else to do. Anything more just gets confusing. Confusing enough as it is right now. I don’t really have words for it.

And then a few days passed, but there wasn’t much to talk about. Scavenged and hunted by myself and Dakota. Managed to bag a boar he’s been after for awhile. Few new folks came in. We got the Bernes couple now. They’s doctors and going to stick around for a bit. Picked up Nicholas, who’s doing security. Hired Yuuki as a shelter worker. I’m surprised at how capable she is. Put her to work figuring out how to dry meat. Nadia came by to ask if there’s anything we need for an ATC run. Gave her a short list. Saw Kay, and she seemed a little down. Don’t know what for.

Dakota and May brought in a couple boars. Great as it sounds, they made a mess of things. Dakota slapped his down on a table where folks eat. Told him right away to haul that to the morgue freezer. Had him clean off that table after he came back. No sooner had he finished, when May dragged a bloody boar all the way up the stairs and into the shelter lounge.

Seriously people, who the fuck drags bloody boar through a hospital? Or any creature? Or anywhere for that matter? These folks raised in a barn or something? Anyway, had Dakota help May to the freezer. May ran off before I could see her, but Dakota was still there as I was moping the floors clean. He had a little hissy fit about the way I was handling this situation. He didn’t quite get it through his head that this isn’t the way things are done. I ain’t too keen on having to clean the place a second time after having already just done so.

As I was mopping up, Darla came in. Dakota handled her donation of water. He stuck around for a little bit, but then he was off. Darla invited me over to dinner the next day. I ain’t too sure about that. What’s her motive for doing so? Here we was, talking about her lost, presumably dead husband. Next moment, we get to talking about me taking up lot lizards and whoever else from my trucking days. And she goes onto tell me Abe’s her first. Next thing that pops up, she’s inviting me over. I’m getting some kinda vibe here, man. I’m thinking she’s got some intent. Anyway, I told her a flat maybe. Have to see how the next day goes. It became rain check after rain check after rain check from me. I didn’t quite say no though, I said maybe. We’ll leave that door open before I step into it for now.

Came into work today to see the aftermath of a horde busting in. Glass on the doors is all busted out. Was a pile of burning corpses out front. Looks like folks managed to clean up what they could though. Just in case, I made double rounds over the place: sweeping, mopping, wiping down what I can.

Darla came in just as I was finishing up. Brought up her husband again, who’s been missing for awhile. Folks gone off looking for him, but nothing’s turned up yet. Maybe he’ll come back. Sometimes folks disappear for awhile to just turn up again some day later. We’ve a few folks like that coming to the shelter.

She invited me out to hunt and I accepted. Showed me a new place I hadn’t seen before. Bagged ourselves a couple deer. I took one, she took one. Head back to the hospital to find Kitten, Nicholas, and Yuuki soon out there.I had put Yuuki on a mission to figure out a way to dry meat. Sounds like she’s made a few inquiries so far. Darla seemed to oblige helping us out, so hopefully sometime Yuuki can hook up with her.

As for the shelter, things is doing okay. We got a whole lot of supplies on hand. Might get more soon after the ATC run. Looking forward to some cleaning supplies. We is running short, especially after that horde broke though. We’re stretching ourselves thing on supplies now.

Hospital’s not doing too great on what they’ve got. They got to use their supplies sparingly. You can forget about that local numbing stuff. It’s all gone, if not mostly. Nicholas learned that today as he was getting stitched up by Kitten Berne.

He seemed a bit squeamish about the whole thing. Yuuki and I goaded him on though.

“Take it like a man,” she said. I found that real surprising to come out of her. She ain’t the sort of type to be that kind of forceful. Told her I liked what I was hearing though and to keep it up. Shelter folks got to have a stiff upper lip and a hard nose around here.

Told Nicholas, “If you’s a good strong boy, I’ll give you a candy bar.” That seemed like a worthy enough bribe to him.

So, he sat through it all. Wasn’t long. Kitten made quick work. When she was done, I made good on my promise. Nicholas was kind of amazed to see such a thing. Candy’s pretty rare for him to find. I got half a dozen though, along with some joints and pills.

These days, I’m a walking pharmacy. Can I find all the good shit? Hell yeah, I can! Fuel and honey for days! Joints to smoke out all the Eights. Enough painkillers to take down a horse. Can I find some god damn food and water though? No. Guess I just got too good for the small stuff.



21 casual outfits, 2 cold weather outfits, 7 pairs of underwear, 1 pair of worker’s boots, 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of worker’s gloves, 1 cap

Food and Drink:

6 venison, 2 bacon, 12 candy bars, 1 moonshine, 3 jars of honey, 2 cans of cat food, 1 kibbles, 2 bottles of water


1 hammer, 1 screw driver, 1 chisel, 1 shovel, bunch of nails, bunch of screws, some lumber


$2248, 34 handgun bullets, 24 shotgun shells, 2 fuel cans, 5 joints, 2 painkillers