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Shelter Staff Work

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I’ve never kept a journal.  This is my first, so, be gentle with me.  My husband and sister Shadoyine are off island.  It’s just me here for now.  I love the house, and my sister has the guard house.  But it’s just me.  So, I’ve been hanging out at home mostly.  I can’t get into nursing right now.  So, Ben Weber is letting me do shelter work.  I actually really like doing that.  I meet people and don’t have the stress of doing something wrong on me.  I just meet people and show them around and give the needy a gift basket.  Pretty sweet!


I got some water from the dollhouse and coaches, and met some people in the doing.  felt good.  felt real.  I have to admit i drank one water.  I feel guilty for having done it, since the water is for the newcomers.  but I did pay for it.  And I needed it.  Have to keep hydrated.


I’m lonely.  Why don’t they come home?  It’s dangerous out there.


Well, I guess that’s it for me for now.  Gonna put some time in at the hospital shelter.  thank you, Ben.