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A new kind of Christmas.

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mainland run OB

Day 20

Actually I can’t even be certain that it is day 20 anymore. Days are blurring. I shouldn’t have polished off what was left of the moonshine. Really not smart.

Took my first mainland run today. Just got back to camp. Still charged. OMG exciting! It was a trailer park by the looks set in a wooded clearing. Eerily still and silent. There was only me and another, the driver who didn’t give his name and I didn’t ask. I was too scared, too terrified actually, expecting something- I don’t know what -and just being charged from the anticipation of danger has me shaking even now. I thought there would be dead-heads lurking behind every closed door and corner. Luckily I only saw one and he’d seen better days laying on the ground stiff and rotting. Someone else must have put him out of his misery. Maybe others before me cleared the way. Whatever it was, the run was fairly clean and easy, dare I put it that way. And OMG what a haul!

*2 apples
*1 dried fish
*1 joint
*1 bottle of moonshine
*1 candy bar
*1 rotting flesh
*1 shirt

I even found some handgun ammo when scavenging!
Despite the rain and drizzly overcast conditions back in town I’m happy. Ecstatic really. I know pay was disappointing, and maybe it’s the adrenaline of the mainland run still working through me, but the risk seemed worth it. The haul while modest goes some way to helping replenish stocks until I can find someone to trade with.

Can’t stop grinning. For the first time in 2 or 3 years today feels like Christmas. I need to go dry up and rest. Maybe even splurge on an apple and another sip of moonshine to celebrate. I know it sounds naive or complacent, but I can’t wait for another run to the mainland… even if it’s just dawned on me now as I write this I didn’t find any signs of one single survivor.