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A Lot Can Happen in a Year

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Day 365 on Arklay Island

It’s been one year, one year since I set foot on the isle of Arklay. In that time, I’ve seen conclaves rise and fall, our defenders defect and disband, and business ownership switch hands many times. That’s a lot of change real fast, but everything feels like it moves so slow here.

In one year, I’ve found a job at the AES and built myself up to become its shelter manager. I found a place to hole up in, twice. The second time was into some better digs. Brought in over a hundred or so folks through the shelter doors and saw them out as well. Some of them, but not all of them, are still here. Loaded up on weapons and I can safely say I’ve got something for every occasion; even got me the biggest and baddest shotgun: the Big Pump! Spent a fortune putting myself together and it’s safe to say I’m still financially secure. Got enough food and drink to last. Got enough drugs and medicine to pull through the long haul. Been on a number of runs off the island to scavenge up what we could find. A lot can happen in a year.

I’ve made friends, only to see them move on: Sea, Vince, Bo, Sinthia, Maze, Missy, Peaches,Val, Van, Dakota. Yuuki, May, Thayer. Gone, all gone. Some been gone for months, others weeks. Maybe they’ll be back. I don’t know. Hope so. Rarely though, they ever do return.

There’s still some folks here though. Some I see on the regular. The Bernes show up now and then; especially Kitten, but I ain’t seen Simon for awhile. Al, I see her pretty often and it’s usually on a run out of town. Same for Dale and Amelia, but if it ain’t on a run, then I’m seeing them in S-Mart. Ran into Darla while hunting recently. Maybe I’ll make a note to visit her and Ein more often in the Eights. Then there’s Marcus, who I can still find at Coach’s Pub often enough. Run into Dane whenever fuel or repairs are needed. Hadn’t seen Brooke in awhile, but I’ve a feeling she’s around here somewhere. Got a handful of AES folks still around: Dr. Kay, Ai, Pacey, Anne, Shado, and Jasper to keep me company.

I say a lot, that it ain’t the cash you’ve got on hand, the food and water you hoard, or the weapons you’ve got that makes you rich; it’s the folks you know. It’s the connections you make with everyone. Some can help you learn something, others help get you what you need. It’s an investment, getting to know people. Takes time and energy. Mostly, it pays off, until they just up and disappear on you.

Sometimes though, you disappear on them. The Outbreak them several years back cut me off from everyone I know. No one ever asks about that though. Not too many folks talk about the folks they knew before. Suppose it’s not really important anymore. They’re dead or still out there, but it doesn’t matter here in Arklay. They ain’t here in Arklay. It’s only important to the folks who remember.

I do remember all of everyone from that lifetime ago. Spent these whole 365 days looking forward, ain’t had much time to reflect. Maybe one day I’ll get to writing about them all. That’s something to look forward to, remembering all them good times I had before Arklay. There haven’t been too many in the post-apocalypse. Now it’s all about survival.