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Day 895

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sam n ellas_011

Today was pretty good. Sweetie came by to visit again which always is great. I like having company and I feel like that many people aren’t out and about. The weather has been better than it normally is, so I would think people would be taking advantage. Guess everyone has reasons though. I mean if I didn’t have to go out I suppose I really wouldn’t. It’s nice to relax at home, but I have the Diner to run so I can’t be too relaxed. I did happen upon a turkey on the way into town, so that was nice. Didn’t have to waste any ammo either. Might be doing another turkey chili when the rabbit stew runs out. Also, had some idea about doing a cook out down at the Diner. Maybe that will draw folks out of their hiding holes. I miss good company and yeah, I get a little bit every now and again. It’s not the same though. I miss having friends and doing fun stuff. Seems like those days are really over cause most of the time when I’m free I go home and lay down. It’s boring and rather lonely. That why I do spend most of my time serving people food. Even though it may only be brief I actually get to talk to someone and see someone that hopefully isn’t trying to bite my face off.

I’m pretty bad at remembering to write in this thing. I kind of do it whenever I remember to or if I see it just laying it there. I don’t bring it everywhere like some people do. It’s another thing I do when I get bored, but I can only write so much when not a lot is happening.  You know?


All you fine souls better be doing well,