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Fat Belly

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Oh my gosh but like what a difference a fat belly makes! I mean, this time yesterday I was like totally thinking I was gonna have to go back to the mainland even… big time, coz nothing was happening slowly, no work, no weapon… just cat food and dodgy water ugh! Soo yucky!

But then I saw there was someone in the gun shop place, she’s called Dale, and I totally managed to do a trade, I mean, I had to do some work and stuff as well, which was kinda boring but totally cool. Eyes on the prize, right?

So yeah, walked out with bow and arrow and made straight for the woods, all super quiet and was there for like ages but wtf! I totally got something! Three arrows but whatever. No idea what it was, some kinda American animal I’m guessing. So cooked it by the old ruin, climbed up inside and totally scoffed the lot! Soo totally delish!

Well, if I’m gonna be all honest and everything, it was like all black on the outside and kinda not so cooked on the inside, but still totally delish anyways! So after sleeping off my fat belly, I  climbed down and made for town, picked up a stack of wood on the way for Anna like we said, and got some cash for that too!



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    May 31, 2017

    I love the drawings that you include in your stories