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blah blah blah

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So I was like heading back to mine after my shift at the caff, totally dead apart from Eve’s endless blah blah blah. Oh my gosh, does she have verbal diarea diorreah dhiariah shits or what? Does she ever like just stop? I’ve kinda managed to tune it out mostly, just say ‘yeah’ every so often, but still, my head was kinda like about to burst. But anyways, I was passing that ATC place, which I’d just assumed was empty when I head noises, so I thought I’d go check it out, you know, kinda cautious like.

There was this guy just hanging out there, bit phased when he told me I had to leave weapons at the gate. I mean, I get doing that at the hospital, but you know, it’s kinda like a bit much at a shop or whatever. But my curiosity had kinda gotten the better of me, or maybe it was the smell of gilling fish. And just as I hand them all over, this other guy appears, and he’s only all dressed all in black and like armed to the teeth and I’m thinking ‘oh shit… that was a fucking rookie mistake’.

But he actually seemed kinda chilled and that grilled fish was for sale too. Dunno why I missed that before, coz, like, meat’s good, but gotta have a fishy for my dishy sometimes, right? Coz it’s like totally brain food, right? Anyways, I ask for two and he throws in a third! How sweet is that! So big fat fishy belly tonight! No chips, but hey, totally thought that was gonna be a long shot. But it’s not like it’s hard to grow potatoes, is it? I mean, this is America, right? And I’m pretty sure it’s where they were invented.

But whatever, I’m now totally thinking a fishy takeaway on my way home’s gonna be a regular treat!