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Bubble Wrap For One,,,,,,,( Groovy)

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       Days passing by some with an with out rain but for me I was so happy to feel an see that the sun was out ,makes me miss the days of me an my friends going to the beach an rubbing sun tan lotion all over listing to tunes an girl talking about guys ..Well just got word that my sister Groovy back into the hospital again for the same thing good lord what am I going to do with her , if  our parents was here I could just hear my mom saying ” for the love a pete ” an our dad would be saying ” Christ on a cracker stop sticking crap in your mouth girl ” so I think the best thing that my sister Kat an I can do is stick her in bubble wrap an take turns on telling her nono don’t eat that …Good thing Kat started working at the local hospital I have a feeling she going to be seeing a lot of our sister Groovy …Love them girls even tho they keep me on my toes …