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Journal maddness

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          Yeah been a while since I last enter anything so I thought I might give it a go ..well where does one start knowing there is going to be no end in sight my sister Groovy got sick again not to long after that so did my other sister Kate but both are better now I have no clue on what to do with the both of them other then putting them in a bubble an even then I know they find a way to get ill lol .Work at the diner is going well no problems so far I like being here it’s has become my safe place for how long I don’t know ,I got word that a girl has come up missing an no one knows why or if she was taken so now with her missing thoughts of her safety an then I start thinking of my own family I would just lose it if anything should happen to my sister”s they are all I have now ,i’m going to have to find out what happen so I can keep my eye out for my family . I found a joint the other day I keep thinking about smoking it but then I feel as if I should save the sucker for bad times just to help me cope with what is going on ,so yeah I think I might just save it for when I need it !! so I guess there you have it a moment in the life of Jenna ,when is it going to end you ask me ,,my reply is I think it already has so hold on this is going to get a bit messy !!!