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Money in a Coffee Can ..

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   Hello again well it’s been a long work week trying to stay an not think of the past life I once had an trying to earn enough to make some kind of a life on the island for myself an of course my sister’s Groovy an Kat ,,Having a job I am thankful for an the diner helps pull me out of the past an the fact that I have meant some very interesting people this past week an have tough me some useful tips but other then the sun being out this week today was paid day an I sooooo wanted to put my cash in a coffee can an bury in a whole reminds me of a movie call NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VEGAS VACATION, the part where the two guys had to go out an dig up all the coffee cans just to get enough cash to go gamble away ,,, it felt so nice to get paid ,,something I never thought I get happy about since all this has happen …