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Day Six – Money Can be Exchanged For Goods and Services

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New job today. That’s gotta be worth something and no sign of anyone I know yet is even better. I like being Swift more and more every day, that name and this place are starting to feel like a fresh start. How often do those really come along?


Didn’t have a goddamn clue what I could do to survive when I stumbled half dead into town. Not much demand for personal training anymore. Even that prospective MMA career I considered once is dead in the water since that, well… Stopped being a thing. You know everything is royally fucked when even ‘bread and circuses’ stops being relevant. Buuuut it turns out everyone needs security, even in a boring little town like this. So yeah… I can stand around and look scary. And I can take on the first fuckwit who thinks that’s all I’m good for and shove his head so far up his ass that he’ll never make the same mistake again. Not about to admit I’m looking forward to that, but it’s the second best stress relief I can think of. And if the first is out of reach then I’ll take what I can get.


Seems like everyone’s getting sick lately, hope I don’t catch this nasty fucking flu myself from being around them. Haven’t seen the tiny little thing with the real fancy coat around lately, hope she’s doing okay and that she had someone to care for her if not. Being suck sucks, but being sick and alone is even worse.