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                                                          Hello ,just me again in another fun filled apocalyptic day at Arklay Island nothing really to chat about things are as good as I think they will ever be tho I have been seeing a lot of new faces on the island so I think the main land still is over ran with the infected ,pretty sure things aren’t going to be how it use to be . I was out the other day an I came across on old raggedy doll laying in a pile of trash ,as I stood there looking at it I glanced down at my own hand gun ,I found myself shaking my head ,there was a time I use to have a few dolls sitting around my room me an my sister’s would play with them an now here I stand welding a hand gun .Then I started to think of the child that own that little rag doll ,what was her or his demise , did they suffer , was they left alone .I felt bad thinking about the out come of what I ‘m sure happen to this child .I think if a person ends up having a child has a whole new world to deal with an will their kids have dolls to play with or guns ,it’ s a part of life I hop hope that I never have to worry about . Babies&guns an at what point will it end ..