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Flood, flood, go away…

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Every day it becomes more of a struggle to keep going in this soggy place. Can’t remember the time when I was this cold or hungry. I have been trying to stay dry, but even with the sandbags on either end of the street, keeping the foul waters out, you still are constantly surrounded by rain, and mist , and smells that defy description. The only times that bring any relief are the brief naps that I can take up on the hill at the Eights. But even there, I am cold. I want to go back where I came from, but know I can’t. It seems like a bad dream, except that I am awake. And everyone else is just as miserable. Will I have gone this far, only to die here? Is there any hope in this godforsaken place? I know not, but I continue to go to my job at S-Mart, so at least I have some purpose. But I think my goal is to get out of here, unless the rains and the flood subside soon, because this is not how I wanted to go.