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Hello my old friend..

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| has been a long time since we have communicated. The entries of your journal have.. amused me.. but should you ever find out, remember this. Do not be afraid of change.. it will suit you, as it always has.. I know what is best for you, after all. It is quite the place we have found ourselves.. this island.. Soon enough the waters will recede, and though you will not notice it, the plans will progress.. even if you never get to see it, you certainly have made me pleased with your creativity.. how can I resist making things come to be as you had envisioned them, but in my own manner? It will be quite the.. endeavor.. As for your friends.. they will be alright.. maybe..

I think it is better that the list of names be updated.. one by one by what they do.. it will be much easier to remember them by.. in time it will be something to appreciate, once it is figured out what all of them do exactly..

Dale – Owner of S-Mart. She reminds me of that redhead from the Twilight movies we used to watch.. Victoria.. and not bad to look at either.. If this one was a vampire.. Hell, she could bite me anytime..