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                                          It’s me again taking time out just to chat about what I’m thinking ,I know most people talk about their hardship with this life not an I guess I should to but I just can’t bring myself to do so ,after losing so much an fighting for what I do get I just fell like what’s the point if you haven’t figure out by now chances are you now among the infected so time seems to slip by in a blink of an eye. So for tonight all I’m gong to do is sit here by the fire in the diner an lose myself in thought’s an not worry with the flood an finding another new place to live or food an water . I so enjoying this night doesn’t seem many on an so the diner is quiet as I sit here staring at the fire in the barrel it reminds me when we was little kids sitting in the back yard making s’mores man those was the bomb I love getting them all gooey an sticky an then sucking it off -wish I could I could make them now ! The smell of the wood smells so good an I just love the crackle of the wood  .how the smell of the fire stays in one clothing an of course the warmth an glow of it is something special if only for a short amount of time . well I want to enjoy while I can toodles for now .Jenna