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Waters receeding, the disgusting clean-up begins.

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Dear Molding Diary….

Will dry you out if the sun ever comes out. The flooding is going down, leaving my apartment a stinking mess… hauled all thefurinture out and washed the floors and walls… hope the land lady I met has a carpet cleaner that works 😛

Off to Coaches I arrive to another HUGE ass mess… time to roll up my sleeves and start scrubbing.  Doesn’t look like the water got too high in here but I think a cleaning is due regarless.  Starting at the top I did the shelving and all the wall ornaments… I need a moonshine to keep going… After refueling with the fire water I was energized enough to wipe the bottom of all the walls so mold doesn’t take refuge here, then followed by doing the bar stools and table legs… starting to smell MUCH fresher!!  Hopefully the boss ladies appreciate my drunken hard work 🙂 Maybe they will give me a bonus beer for my efforts, haha.   Speaking of beer, I best start moving stuff down from the rooftop, slow and steady as to not break any precious goods.  Wonder if anyone knows downtown is reopened? Might take a cruise around Arklay to spread the word … but later … i’m exhausted from cleaning… maybe another moonshine will help … glug….