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Thus the beginning..

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Well, It’s been months since the tragedy that happened out at my compound in the fringe. I’m all alone out there I’m going to need to try and meet some people in the city. It’s going to be hard work to keep up with my crops and my animals but.. if all goes well, I might find some people willing to help me out there. I took a trip out to the city today. I got chased through the suburbs by some infected but I managed to get away. I then stopped by the hospital to check out what they had available and seen they were offering special gift baskets for those new to the city.. I helped myself of course.

I cautiously went around rummaging through anything I could to collect items to my advantage.. alas… no luck today. I went down to the trading company and met a new person to the city as well.. she was kind of brillo and cold.. but I did get her to laugh abit so the winner is I! I decided that I wanted to try out barendering in Coaches pub. I applied and right now I sit here wiping down tables and cleaning up the floor. Its getting pretty late. So I might just finish cleaning up and head on out back to the compound.

*weather update* Its raining.. great now I have to walk all the way home soaking wet