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  1. Karma

    half the island and rising

    A week into this flooding, and while it hasn’t risen higher in a few days, it is now spreading to encompass more of the island. I’ve had to bring most of my animals to the eights, which might arouse suspicion from the town. But they are too valuable to let...
  2. Karma

    Breakin’ in the Ride

    I knew all that damned rain was a bad sign. A week on as watchmen, and the island is flooding. If that ain’t a sign….. Yet here I am still. Running recon between the shore and the Eights. Saving people from rooftops, gathering supplies and looking after the citizens of...
  3. Karma

    Seven Days In

    It’s been a week now, and for some reason I haven’t moved on. Sure the townsfolk have been kind, helpful and there’s plenty of resources to be had. But, I can’t shake this feeling that it won’t last long. The couple from the shelter have been a huge help. I...