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  1. deteric-furyo

    Hello my old friend..

    by has been a long time since we have communicated. The entries of your journal have.. amused me.. but should you ever find out, remember this. Do not be afraid of change.. it will suit you, as it always has.. I know what is best for you, after all. It...
  2. deteric-furyo

    Changing spaces

    Well, I can write again now.. when the water started flooding the lower land areas of the Island, I started spending my nights in a more private spot by myself, with most of my things still back at the AES Shelter. By the time it had risen to the level...
  3. deteric-furyo

    Idle thoughts

    Dylan, Phil, Ashes, Karma & male friend (name still unknown.. yet), Rosie, Stella, Augi, Nell, Jack, James, Maze, Kobe, Regin, Hrodger, Page, Grant, Ru, Teagen, Dale, Erika.. I need to keep writing names down.. already some that I have not seen since first meeting them.. Like Augi, Nell, Jack.. though...
  4. deteric-furyo

    Different directions

    I enjoy what I do at the Pub.. it’s peaceful, I get to meet people and learn more about this place from different perspectives.. but at the same time I feel I could do more.. I know I wont be behind that counter forever.. in fact, I noticed there is...
  5. deteric-furyo

    Back in the saddle

    I have been taking time out of my routine to get some rest at the Shelter, since my last stay in the hospital. Ankle is doing better, so that is a benefit, but I still feel like there’s so much to do.. not that I need to, but yet I...
  6. deteric-furyo

    Tough Decisions

    Things are not bad here at Arklay.. well, the people for the most part are friendly enough, and the community seems to have the potential to be a good thing in this world.. though the Infected that find their way onto the streets are an issue.. I had been taking...
  7. deteric-furyo

    New Hope

    It’s been awhile since I last wrote anything.. I had started losing faith. I have lost track of time, and can only guess it has been about three years since the outbreak occurred, based on the weather changes.. but even those are not the same.. nothing is. Everything seems empty, dead,...