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  1. geoffrey welders

    Happy Birthday to Me

    Yesterday was my birthday. October 23rd was my birthday. Happy birthday to me! What’d I get? Interrupted sleep and a horde of zombies. Can’t say I’m crazy about the gift, but it’s the thought that counts. And whoever thought that up for me can just shove it. If God exists,...
  2. geoffrey welders

    Ride Out the Storm

    Awoke to a different sound yesterday. Usually, it’s one of the dead ones bumping up against my fence or a new neighbor moving in. That time though, it was the hard rain and wind pounding¬† on the trailer. Kind of unnerving. Could feel the walls giving a bit as they...
  3. geoffrey welders

    I Need To Get Out More

    Arklay: Day 126 Another quiet day at the hospital, working in the shelter. Hadn’t seen anyone around lately. Not sure where the new arrivals are. Guess maybe they slipped out some time in the early morning. Maybe they’ll be back. Maybe not. Most usually do return though. I guess maybe...
  4. geoffrey welders

    Broken Pieces, Broken People

    Arklay: Day 86, 2016 It’s been awhile since I’ve made an update, but honestly there ain’t too much to write about. I’m not too sure why I’m writing to be honest. Ain’t like there’s much worth remembering. There aren’t a lot of good, happy times here. There’s a lot of...

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