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  1. geoffrey welders

    We Workers Three

    Arklay: Day 35, 2016 Well, it’s been some time since I made an update. Lots has happened, few things have changed. Where do I even begin with it all? Well, let me see. Shelter’s been a little busy as of late. Folks come in, folks go out. Donations have been...
  2. geoffrey welders

    All Night, All Day

    Arklay: Day 27, 2016 Was just sitting in my living room, finishing the last journal entry, when Audra awoke. Was pretty far passed noon when it happened. Things were a little awkward to say the least. Just last night I was threatening to shoot her dead. Later on, I took...
  3. geoffrey welders

    There’s a Few Things We Need

    Arklay, Day 9, 2016 The shelter was pretty busy when I had arrived yesterday morning. Already there were a couple folks up there, including a dog! The dog just kind of laid against the wall, not bothering nobody. From the look of it, poor critter was hurt somehow. He weren’t...