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  1. geoffrey welders

    It’s All Coming Together

    Arklay: Day 8, 2016 Been a full day since I last made an update. Much has happened. Not much in the way of anything exciting, but there been some progress made. After doing what I could to straighten out the trailer, left that place for the general store. Along the...
  2. geoffrey welders

    Home Sweet Home

    Took to scavenging for a bit, but found a whole not of nothing. Eight hours poking around and there just wasn’t much worth to anything yesterday. Just having about had it with picking through the trash, I took a turn to hunting. Again, the hunt was pretty poor. Nothing. Absolutely...
  3. geoffrey welders

    Food, Shelter, Hospital

    May… ? 2016. Got no idea what day it is. Don’t got much to my name either and now, even less than when I found this place. Arklay. It’s a full, thriving little town with more living folks than dead ones. That’s different, a town. Hadn’t come across that yet....