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  1. jennavecia Fang


         So here she goes again walking her way to work Jenna cold from the icy rain oh how she wish the sun was out longing to feel the heat on her she was soaked to the bone but that still didn’t slow her down any so she sloshed threw the...
  2. jennavecia Fang

    No Rain …

    For the fist time since the sister’s have landed on the island Jenna thinks that this is the fist time with no rain pouring down on them so Jenna’s spirit is high as she is over joy when she walks into the hospital to find that her sister Groovy sitting...
  3. jennavecia Fang

    Luck or Unlucky ??

    Well have you ever heard of the statement if it wasn’t for bad lucky I wouldn’t have any luck at all ,,in some case’s that might be true as Jenna thinks to her self as she finds herself sitting at the bed side of her sister who is ill an...
  4. jennavecia Fang

    New Beginnings,??

    Now back with both of her  sister’s as they live day by day ,minute by minute as they get the feel of this strange island an all that lurk around them , fighting for food an searching to find water in the hopes that their health well keep dreaming of...
  5. jennavecia Fang

    Day 1

    Jenna an Groovy made their way to the docks as luck would have it they was able to broad a boat going to the same island ,the wave of the water hitting against the boat feeling sick jenna leans over the side looking out in the water an throw the...