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    Hi!  So, I found an old globe when I went scavaging.  It’s pretty cool.  set it on my floor at the house.  Found some more books too.  A lot of them have the pages stuck together because of the damp outside.  I stuck them in my room to be gone...
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    Hey there.  I am at work.  There isn’t much to tell.  I woke up early today.  Feeling a bit pudgy so went to work.  I walk a lot.  I also like to hunt.  Anne is still sleeping.  She had a late night.  I guess Kali isn’t managing Sam & Ella’s...
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    Shelter Staff Work

    I’ve never kept a journal.  This is my first, so, be gentle with me.  My husband and sister Shadoyine are off island.  It’s just me here for now.  I love the house, and my sister has the guard house.  But it’s just me.  So, I’ve been hanging out at home...