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  1. raeleeh-resident

    Down the barrel of a gun.

    Day 21 Went hunting yesterday. Went hunting today. Was still too wound up from the mainland run yesterday (feels longer already) to sleep so I grabbed my rifle and headed out into the rain to try my luck. Heard a lot of gunshots, even what sounded like machine gun fire,...
  2. raeleeh-resident

    A new kind of Christmas.

    Day 20 Actually I can’t even be certain that it is day 20 anymore. Days are blurring. I shouldn’t have polished off what was left of the moonshine. Really not smart. Took my first mainland run today. Just got back to camp. Still charged. OMG exciting! It was a trailer...
  3. raeleeh-resident

    Life’s a carnival!

        Day 15 Checked my payslip for this week and feel devastated. I worked almost twice as long this week as I did last week and walked away with half the pay that I earned then. I’m going to starve at this rate! $234. That’s not even enough to...
  4. raeleeh-resident


    Day 14 The world still works in mysterious ways. After my previous journal entry things looked bleak. Felt bleak. Then people came into the store. Suddenly I had so much more to be both thankful for – and worried about. I met a lady last night named Kate who worked...
  5. raeleeh-resident

    Facing the dead.

    Day 12-13 Has it already been so long? I’ve been flicking through the crumpled pages here of older entries and I feel like I’m missing something. Maybe I am. It reminds me why I need to keep writing just to keep track of things, even if that thing is just...
  6. raeleeh-resident

    Out of the dark.

    Days 7-11 Sickness and exhaustion have taken their toll. It’s been impossible to stay awake much less write the last few days. I haven’t been able to eat or drink much so supplies haven’t been impeded – until now. I woke today with a ravenous hunger. I was starving and...
  7. raeleeh-resident

    The wasted day.

    Day 5. Have you ever had one of those days where you should have just stayed in bed? That describes today perfect. It wasn’t all bad, but the lows were pretty low to overshadow most of all else. It started with work. This woman came in; army helmet, red hair,...
  8. raeleeh-resident

    Night of the Hunter.

    Day 4. More rain. There’s little to do but sit and wait it out. I’ve been sleeping more than I should. When wake I walk the perimeter regularly. Not sure if it’s paranoia or something else but I can’t rest without doing so at least every few hours. It’s not...
  9. raeleeh-resident

    Lull after the storm.

    Day 3. I think. I’m already losing track of time with so much going on. Yesterday I walked. It’s been raining all day. Dom radioed me to come to training so I trudged back into town only to find the rendezvous place at the bar, Coaches. That threw me. I...