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  1. Sweetie

    Squelch squelch squelch

    The water’s still rising… not as fast, but kinda like slow and steady, which is still majorly stressful. You can see it now from the caff’s back yard, just beyond the fallen bridge. Getting closer and closer. The goats are still here and I’m seriously thinking Ashes needs to get...
  2. Sweetie


    Sandbags… What the fuck was I thinking? Like seriously! I mean I woke up to water pouring into my room. Dunno if it was Kibbles barking or the shouting outside, but I just grabbed Kibbles and had to like wade and practically swim my way out. Thank fuck I’d packed...
  3. Sweetie

    High tide?

    So the sea’s like higher than I’ve seen it since I been here and it’s like higher than the pontoon key thing, which I’m thinking is probly not normal, right? So I walked along the coast earlier and there’s that shack between the bridge and the fishy place and that’s...
  4. Sweetie


    So I’ve kinda slipped back into the old routine pretty easy like nothing much’s changed. Jenna’s there when I get to the caff for my shift which is cool. The pub’s still no smoking, which is like majorly not cool. Nore’s scrapped the paper and opened a hostel and something...
  5. Sweetie


    I hate Christmas, I really do… Everybody pretending everything’s like totally normal when it soo isn’t. I think it was having to do the tree thing for the caff. After that, I kinda had to go awol, coz I guess it totally pressed all the wrong buttons. I couldn’t pretend...
  6. Sweetie

    Gun shy?

    Yeah, kinda looks like the puppy’s for keeps, coz I’ve been back to where I found him and there’s like totally no sight of his mum. So I guess now the hard work starts, the actual training. It’s cool, coz I found a book that’s got stuff in it but...
  7. Sweetie


    So I’ve ended up with a puppy… yeah, I know, like huh? But it like totally wasn’t planned. I was out kinda exploring some, when I came across it. At first I was kinda stressed that it’s mother was nearby and gonna get all like protective, coz dogs these day,...
  8. Sweetie

    Caught with my trousers down…

    Oh my gosh, but it’s easy to forget how you kinda totally take stuff for granted until it’s not there any more. I mean like earlier, I was in the woods coz I was gonna go hunt something for the caff, when I realised I totally needed to take a...
  9. Sweetie

    Tough titties? Or sweet kisses?

    Okay, so something kinda weird’s just happened. I was gonna go pay the rent on my room, I’d saved up enough cash from the caff, so that was all cool, and I’d got to the office when the guy shook his head and said it’d been covered. And I kinda...
  10. Sweetie

    Pot Luck

    So I turned up for my shift at the caff and OMG! It was like a bomb had hit the place! Total mess everywhere! No one around, obviously. Just loads and loads and loads of clearing up to do after that pot luck thing, obviously. And I totally mean loads....