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  1. Baymo

    moving – entry 006

      My old hippie van crapped out on me in San Francisco, of all places, but his laundry truck has served me well. I have spent quite a few nights wondering about Mr Wong and how long he must have saved up to buy this truck. How important his business...
  2. ArielLagina Resident

    Who is the new girl in town…

    A young girl,lost her family after the apocalypse,trying every possible way to survive and find the responsibles of this contagion,eating alive her relatives.It is not possible that infection comes from nowhere but some mad scientists ad politicians trying to control the whole universe.She adapted herself to eat less,hunt even in...
  3. Claws Vane

    About Hunters and Preys

    “They were hunters. But now, as night closed in on them, and the swamp became black and hot and close, they were becoming preys.” ― Paolo Bacigalupi, The Drowned Cities “Early in the morning i identified a trail of a wild animal. I walked slowly, scanning the woods periodically for movement till...
  4. page eames

    New Dawn Fades

      Organic chemistry was one of the worst classes I’ve ever taken. It was one of those shit classes I had to take before I could get to the good stuff, get my hands dirty, and learn what I really wanted to learn. I used to sit in the front...
  5. Claws Vane


    Claws has made his way to Arklay, a place that is far different than the ones he crossed after Outbreak. People here seem to live in peace, they have a sense of civilization that no longer exists out there, at least this was his first impression. He is not planning...
  6. Sweetie

    Shit happens

    Oh my gosh… the last few days… totally horrible, I mean big time. Dunno how it happened, except I guess I probly do, coz I been drinking water from the wells, but it’s like sometimes really really difficult to find half decent water anywhere. But I guess that’s just what...
  7. Sweetie


    Oh my gosh… kinda super quiet round here at the mo, I mean like big time quiet, so I’m kinda thinking first, where’s everyone gone and why haven’t I been invited? But like more seriously, I’m kinda thinking now’s a good time to head to the mainland to hunt for...