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  1. geoffrey welders


    Day 343 on Arklay Island San Mora lies ahead. I’m determined to go, just not in the first wave of everyone else. Few of the others here on the island got this crazy idea to go by raft. I’m not too partial on the idea of coasting on water. Going...
  2. Profile photo of KimbraLeighAnne Resident

    Shelter Staff Work

    I’ve never kept a journal.  This is my first, so, be gentle with me.  My husband and sister Shadoyine are off island.  It’s just me here for now.  I love the house, and my sister has the guard house.  But it’s just me.  So, I’ve been hanging out at home...
  3. Alectra St Claire


      I was a little depressed this morning when I first got up, I’m still crashing at the hospital since I havent found a place safe enough to move into. All the rooms at both the apartment and motel are taken as well as any homes still secure enough to...
  4. Cami Tiratzo

    I heard the heartbeat…

    I heard the heartbeat a few days ago.  It was so weird.  I was actually afraid that I wouldn’t.  That when Angie went searching around it’d just be radio silence.  I told myself I wouldn’t care one way or another, so long as something nasty didn’t rot in my stomach...